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Gahan Wilsons America Gahan Wilson

Gahan Wilsons America

Gahan Wilson

Published October 1st 1986
ISBN : 9780671627898
128 pages
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 About the Book 

Here are some of my favorite cartoons from one of my favorite cartoonists, illustrated cartoon essays in twenty chapters, many of which saw print in earlier forms.I myself purchased Gahan Wilsons work every chance I could, starting on a Spring trip to Savannah in 1973 and a Summer camp later that year, both times finding his illustrated work in the National Lampoon. One series or essay is reprinted in one chapter here, Strange Beliefs of Children, an example of why I can never stop laughing at this mans work.One caveat: in this compilation from 1980s, no real archival care is taken with printing in B&W. Much that was in color is here in B&W gray tones, a little muddy. Some cartoons are shrunken and others are blurry. Never fear. The gags and illustrations are so funny.As a cartoonist of the macabre, Ive always found hound Wilson even funnier than Charles Addams. As an observer of the sentimental and contradictory everday, hes also the best. Seek out his coming of age series, titled Nuts. Seek out his work wherever you may, in the New Yorker and Playboy most of all. See if you can find me a copy of that recent reprint the Complete Playboy Gahan Wilson, too...And nominate this man for an award as a national treasure.My highest recommendation.